Women’s Institute Talk

W.I. Talk

The Archive Group were invited to talk to the Freshwater Central W.I. Group on January 10th, at their afternoon meeting at The Wesley Hall.   Linda Barnes and Janet Haire volunteered to be the speakers, and after discussion with several other members of the Group, decided to talk on one particular area choosing to deal with the area close to Moa Place, calling it the Moa Place Triangle.

Just for fun Linda and Janet went in typical mid 1800’s costume, Linda as a ‘well to do’ lady, and Janet as a kitchen maid! (See photograph) This caused some merriment, and started the afternoon off in a light-hearted way! The presentation was enhanced by some superb photographs of the area prepared by John Noyce with captions by Caroline Dudley.

The talk began by explaining the history of the name ‘School Green’ and then covered several topics including the story of a wealthy businessman, George Scorey, who owned a considerable amount of land, and built a number of properties around Moa Place.

They also talked about the entertainment halls in School Green Road, namely The Gaiety & Palace Theatres and Regent Cinema.