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Freshwater & Totland Archive Group was formed in 2010 and is based in Freshwater Library.

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BookThe aim of the Group is to build an easily accessible local Archive so that future generations might understand and appreciate our local history and  safeguard their character in the future.

Activities include working with Parish Councils and with various groups; recording, copying and cataloguing material; recording reminiscences on tape; conducting reminiscence walks; mounting public displays of photographic and written material; showing film featuring past local events; dealing with hundreds of enquiries and the publication of a book, ‘Freshwater Reflections’.

Local support with donations of amazing material for copying demonstrates a real sense of pride in and affection for our community; the Group hope to build on this support  to establish a ’people’s archive’ where our local history can be learned, shared and appreciated.

Plans For The Future

  • To maintain the cataloguing of material
  • To fundraise in order to obtain appropriate equipment and storage materials
  • To talk and display material to local groups
  • To explore the possibility of publishing reminiscences currently recorded on tape.
  • To continue with relevant training
  • To establish a base where Archive material can be displayed and made more easily available.

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The group is voluntary and currently self-funded.

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